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interesting, especially towards the south of the city. again, notice the storm system right in here, dropping tornadoes over the gulf coast states. that is what's lifting in our direction during the course of your day. so your hour by hour goes like this, 7:00 in the morning, 32 degrees. pretty cold start. snow burst comes in around 9:00, 10:00 in the morning and turns pretty rapidly into some heavy rains. we'll map this out and show you some accumulation maps coming up in just a little bit. let's get a check on the traffic. lauren cook is over on the traffic plaza. how are we doing out there? >>reporter: pretty good. so far so good, as you mentioned, mike, that the morning commute a little later on could get a little dicey. so right around 9:00, you will want to be extra careful. if you are traveling in howard county, though, interstate 70 nice and clear. no problems from colombia pike all the way over to 695. and for those of you using 95 in howard county, as we check in and take a look at the abc 2 time saver traffic drive time, it's going to take you the normal 12 minutes to travel from
an inch. one to two for anne arundel county. for the city towards right around the beltway 2 to 3 -- beltway 2 to 3 higher amounts. we will talk about the map coming up in a little bit. now the morning commute and lauren cook is in the traffic center. >> reporter: heading to bwi airport no problems whatsoever. 295 nice and clear. and 95 normal conditions if you heading downtown it's going to take you 12 minutes from elk ridge into the city. and if you are heading out to 695, no delays on the west side of the beltway taking a live look up in hunt valley. 83 at shawan road. no problems to report. that will remain clear as you get on to the jfx and head downtown. that's your traffic now over to you. >>> many people -- for many people the weather has been making holiday travel challenging. >> the apps you can down load on the smart phone that can help make the interruptions a bit more tolerable. >> also ahead, making new years resolutions can be easy. keeping them is the hard part. coming up, we have tips on ways to make the new year's resolutions a success. >>> thanks for joining oun
warm clothes but some people can't afford them at all. baltimore city public works officials want to help. they're accepting mittens, hats, gloves and scarves. it's taking place today and the municipal building is where it's happening. the clothes will be donated to the needy through the salvation army's franklin square boys and girls club. >>> a 6-year-old san antonio boy has the best gift ever for christmas. >> his dad is back from the persian gulf. keller was surprised by his father when he was at school. they have been separated for the past nine months. the keller family arranged for the school to surprise him two weeks ago. staff sergeant jesse kelly says he's not been told when he's going to be deployed again and looks like just enjoying the moment there. >>> well we want to remind you still collecting toys for the annual 14th year in a row the kinder time toy drive. drop off new unwrapped toys at several locations including wal- mart stores. we're going to be taking donations through december 19th. just head to the website, drive for a full list of all th
into the city. and if you are using 695 in parkville, the foggy conditions are really going to persist as we check in and look at harford road. notice a lot of reduced visibility out there and it's extremely important for you to turn on low beams and take it slow because you need to. it's pretty bad out there. you can't see much. and here's what 695 looks like on the northwest corner at old court road. traffic moving along altogether it's going to take you 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95 and inner loop is nice and clear as you make the drive from 795 up to 83. if you are using 83, the jfx going to be clear of delays but again that foggy condition will persist and as we check in and take a look north of this scene up in hunt valley, 83 at shawan road can't see much in the camera. in fact, i will show you this coming up in few minutes. but it's going to take you 22 minutes altogether to travel from the maryland pennsylvania state line all the way down to the beltway. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. stay with us. you're watching good morning maryland. watch
now a crime that shocked and angered a lot of people. a tourist visiting our city beaten and robbed. one of the suspects will be in court. this whole thing was caught on video and it went viral. and sherrie johnson is live. what is happening today? >> reporter: the interesting thing that beating happened right here in front of mitchell courthouse on st. patrick's day and where shanti baldwin will be in court. baldwin and three others took part in a beating and robbery in march. it was videotaped and went viral. police say that baldwin and several others beat up a tourist and left him unconscious. one woman is beating the victim with a shoe. they caught up with baldwin after tips from people who saw the video. and it shows the man being beaten, robbed and stripped. police say people were so enraged that the officers received enough tips to identify the suspect and bring them into custody. now three other people were arrested. and baldwin will be in court at 9:30 this morning. she faces about three years in prison. >> there is more trouble for baltimore's former mayor. and she ya dixo
getting down to white marsh and that will remain clear into baltimore city. as we check in with a live look here on 83 just north of 695, no problems heading downtown. it's going to take you the normal 11 minutes right now southbound from the beltway all the way to fayette street. and as we take a look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times, 695 in great shape. you're looking at an 11 minute ride on the east side from the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. the west side also free of the delays, going to take you 11 minutes as well to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> the wintery weather also made a mess of things in airports all over the country including here. look at bwi. dozens of flights canceled or delayed yesterday. and we are already starting to see some early morning cancellations out of bwi this morning. always a good idea just call your airline ahead of time before you head out to the airport. make sure that your flight is still leaving on time. >>> taking a look at some of the other top stories this morning. former
, this is what's going on in terms of temperatures. we are at 48 degrees in monrovia. 49 in ellicott city and 49 in reisterstown. the temperatures are well above average. take the coat but not the biggest one. look at temperatures as we go into lunchtime today. 57 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> >> reporter: -- >> reporter: good morning. fog is an issue again this morning. take it slow and use the low beams. traveling in howard county, no delays at all here on interstate 70 but it will be nice and clear from columbia pike all the way over to 695. here's a live look at the beltway right now at old court road. traffic is moving right along only 7 minutes right now to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 70. and as we check in and look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times the beltway nice andclear from parkville to towson and traveling on 95 in white marsh foggy conditions in that area but four minutes southbound from route 43 down to the beltway. megan and charley over to you. >>> people living. >> newtown connecticut are trying to pic
it to times square, ring in the new year in baltimore city. the prep work is done at curtis bay. get a clear view of the fireworks from the inner harbor. the team is sponsoring the display and we want to say congratulations to buck showalter. [no audio] [technical difficulties] across town this morning. it's chilly. reisterstown 27. aberdeen 28. [technical difficulties]
high powered guns. senator lisa gladden who represents baltimore city is making it her mission to outlaw extended magazines which allows a gunman to carry more ammunition. she and ys there's no use for such weapons on the streets. >> it's stupid. i just -- it doesn't make sense to add more guns to schools. when you add more guns to reduce violence i think you increase violence. >> if it's crazy to call for putting police and armed security in the school to protect our children, then call me crazy. >> over the weekend 800 mayors got together calling for tighter gun restrictions one of those mayor was baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. when it comes to gun stores the senator from montgomery county will push to give state police the same authority as atf to audit how many guns were used in a crime and place sanctions on the owners. >>> new york demonstrators took the debate of gun control to the streets. look at this last night. hundreds of people marched over the brooklyn bridge calling for tighter gun laws in this country carrying candles. marchers stop in the middle of t
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9